Click or Clunk: Reading Intervention Freebie

I’ve been using the “Click or Clunk” intervention with some of my students lately. It helps students self-monitor their comprehension as they read. 

Essentially, students start by reading one sentence at a time. If they understand, they "click," but if they don't understand, they "clunk." This strategy teaches students to stop when they get stuck instead of moving on without comprehending. 

Eventually, students will move on from sentences and do paragraphs - or even pages - at a time. 

Right now I'm using these cards with my students in small group, but eventually, after thorough practice, I will give them their own to use when reading independently. 

Read more about the Click or Clunk Intervention here

I needed visuals - but couldn’t find anything I liked - so I made one, and I’m happy to share this with you!

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