We are wrapping up our narrative writing unit. We use Lucy as our writing workshop curriculum, but I like to put my own spin on things. 

My class this year doesn't love writing...

(and let's be honest, I don't love teaching writing)

...so I try to make it as exciting as possible by making real world connections.

We discussed what it takes to be a detective. Students decided that detectives look carefully, take their time, and so on.  I told them that by the time we were through, they would become official certified writing detectives and that they would get their own official writing magnifying glasses.

*Cue excited gasps.*

Kids are the best.

Throughout the week, I taught them new ways that they could "write like a detective." I used my own writing as mentor texts for this week. Kids love hearing/reading stories about me because I tell them funny or interesting stories about myself. The engagement is great!

As promised, all students received their own official writing magnifying glass to use while writing. 

They're actually that official considering I just laminated some black construction paper. 

The kids love it! It's the little things. I love seeing them pull out their magnifying glasses to use while revising and editing their writing.

What do you do to make the revision process exciting?

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